Friday, June 16, 2017

#photobycereal2k WTF Dashcam moments #5 Atlanta. The most awkward u-turn...

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Is this why we can't have nice things? G35 w/ Tomei, G37 w/ Motordyne part1

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Stoopicold 2017

So for the 2nd year in a row I was going to attend and do some coverage at Stoopicold. This year I decided to leave much earlier than the 7am last last year.  I got about 3 hrs sleep and sync'd up with Andre with the silver TLX to cruise out around 4:30am. The drive this year was a bit quick as there were only a few stops.

 After arriving at around 12CST, we checked in to our respective hotels, then washed our cars in the parking lot then had a quick shoot. 

On the day of the event I rolled in a bit late for media just after 8 and decided to do a 360 walk through for the show and getting a few pics before the public came in. I had to get some energy for the day and redbull certainly hit the spot.

I met up with the other Atlanta crew from Kaizen International, Midnight Garage, Stature, and Alec from Violent Clique. I caught up with the Klutch Wheels/Concept One wheels, Beautifully Ruined crew, and checked out other vendors such at Stick N Wrap, Riverside Meet,  OkeyDoke brand, Gridlife, FunkFashion, Grip Royal.

 The event was definitely well setup as usual and is always a fun one to attend. I made my way on to the hanger after all cars were parked, and then checked out the meet cars in the front side of the parking lot. Then the red lot, then back in the hanger again. A lot of quality and very clean builds were in the hanger and it was quite impressive.  On the second walk through I was done at about 4:30 at which point it was time for the awards.

This SEMA build Mustang was certainly interesting.

The awards section was lit with the Violent Clique for sure. What an absolute fun group. 

Sunday it was time to roll out, with some slight rain drizzle. A quick photo stop was done before syncing with the Atlanta crew to roll back in what seemed like a monsoon.

All around another great from SlammedEnff and this time a warm event! Hi res pics are available for purchase  at the link, be sure to check it out